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The Beginnings Of A Multi-Millionaire

Arham Muhammad, the founder and CEO of various businesses and ventures focused on digital advertising, answers questions on where his journey to success began.


Arham Muhammad is the founder and CEO of a worldwide digital advertising powerhouse. The concept developed from his love for computers and technology, eventually growing into a 9-figure business.


It all started when a 7-year-old found an escape from his traumatic childhood by dissecting electronics and developed a love and talent for computers. Arham Muhammad was a child from a broken home, who spent nights wondering when his next meal would come but hopeful about what the future would bring. This child-like optimism never left him and was a contributor to his very first business concept – a prototype for an interest-based social media platform. Unfortunately, the concept never came to life as raising sufficient money was a larger challenge than he had first thought. “I am proud of my heritage, but being from Pakistan meant I faced more issues when dealing with the international market, from banking to business and everything else,” stated Arham.


It is, however, not surprising that by the age of 13, Arham was finding susceptibilities in the websites of companies such as Sony, Microsoft, ESPN, EA, and AOL after his interests turned to cybersecurity, cyber forensics, and reverse engineering. At 14, he began to pen-test products for security websites and was regularly showcased on websites with written proofs of concepts. His life took a turn when Arham had to leave school before he had graduated. “All my dreams were slowly shattering” he commented, but his fate was far from achieved.


At the age of 20, Arham began his business venture into digital platforms, which were rapidly gaining ground in 2012. The business model Arham developed focused on reaching out to prominent celebrities and public figures to help them increase their reach and revenue. Gaining clients was a challenge as Arham as he had not completed formal education and knew nothing of running a business or the inner workings of a sales department. Cold calls and emails were the starting point of his business, which is now a worldwide digital marketing powerhouse. This experience taught him that he didn’t need to be an expert; he just needed the drive to get the work done fast. “Maybe my work ethic and desire was borne out of a need to escape reality,” reminisced Arham. Very soon, his business was turning $20k – $30k daily, but Arham never stopped to smell the roses, as they say, as he knew his team was meant for so much more. This business, as well as others he founded, grew to the point of producing 9-figure revenue.


At the young age of 24, Arham found himself a multi-millionaire, and he could finally give his family a home and the security he’d never had in his childhood. “While I am proud of becoming a multi-millionaire, being able to give my family this security is what I am most proud of,” said Arham.


“Ultimately life is all about choices. I am determined to leave a legacy by changing people’s lives with the things I do and build,” said Arham. His current focus is on artificial intelligence and automation, along with other business ventures and technology. He lives by his words, “You can never truly know enough.”



Find more information about Arham Muhammad, or become part of one of his businesses, on his LinkedIn page at

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