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Editor-In-Chief at Socialyk and Founder at Quarterly Global and The Cricket Hub, Cellsdog, Bhaujipur, Gaming lanes, Koincrux, Exploreo, AI ML Hook, Straight Insiders, Brand Rhythms, Funales, Review Shouts, Read To Code, Deals and Trials, Coventso, Excurto, Voucher Bird, Clienters, Qanby, Kidfub, Veanko, Foniri, Lebamy, Higaty, FX Works, Fab Hook, Factorso, Marketing For Europe, Marketing For USA, Marketing For APAC, Marketing For India, One Sales Away, Contributors Hub, Branderian, Memerian, Faweek, Complaint grub, Global Complains, Convask, PMIT, Techkiya, Scriptathon and various others. Author of "How to grow your startup and small business".